Leaders in their fields

Our Special Little People (SLP) seminars bring together leaders in the areas of:
• Psychology
• Speech therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Behaviour therapy
• Disclosing an ASD

Our speakers are working in clinics, schools and in homes with children on the autistic spectrum. This means they know what works, what doesn't, they are aware of all the complex issues in helping a child on the spectrum and are up to date with latest techniques and strategies.

We are all in this together!

SLP seminars are for teachers, parents, principals, integration aides, professionals/service providers, university students studying in the field and other family members who want to know more.

We cover a lot of classroom strategies, but we invite parents, family members and other professionals to attend any seminar we run even if it is designed for teachers. Many strategies can be transferred to the home, will be useful for those working in other fields, and after all, we are all in this together!


Each seminar is given a unique title which means there is different content on offer at that seminar than a seminar with a different title. There may, however, be some very minor overlap if the presenters deem that this information will help deliver important learnings for attendees.

Limited places for a more interactive seminar!

Our seminars are designed so that you receive as many strategies as possible. One of the ways we do this is through interaction with presenters after each presentation during question time and breaks. It is for this reason that we have placed a limit on the amount of people that can attend each session. Maximum number of attendees are shown when you click for further information about each seminar and once the cap is reached bookings will no longer be accepted.

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Will be covered

STRATEGIES! That can be implemented easily at home and school...

Will not be covered

We will not be covering the definition of an ASD. This seminar is about Strategies...


Parents should consult with their child’s specialists and/or pediatrician before carrying out any strategies from our Seminar...