Consult with child's specialist

The Special Little People Seminars have been designed to help support the child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s and are not intended to substitute any treatment (medical, occupational therapy, psychology, etc.) or visiting any specialists and/or medical professionals. Parents should consult with their child’s specialists and/or pediatrician before carrying out any strategies that have been provided by our seminars or through informal chats with our presenters.

Our Speakers

Our aim is to run our Seminars with the speakers that are advertised. However, there may be times where the original presenter will not be available due to unforeseen circumstances, and where we will have to substitute one speaker for another. We will ensure the replacement speaker is of just as high standing as the original speaker and will deliver the same valuable content. Thank you in advance for your understanding if this ever occurs at a seminar you attend.


If, for whatever reason, a SLP Seminar is cancelled by the organisers, refunds will be made. Otherwise, we cannot process any other refunds due to planning reasons.