Profile of Presenters

  • Dr. Sophie Banfield - Psychologist
  • Stephanie Crawford - Speech Therapist
  • Lisa Clark - Occupational Therapist
  • Amanda Curtis - Disclosing Asperger's

Dr. Sophie Banfield
Dr. Sophie Banfield, Psychologist
The Clifton Hill Child & Adolescent Therapy Group
Level 1, 199 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068
Telephone: (03) 9481 1944

Dr Sophie Banfield is a clinical psychologist with over ten years of experience. Sophie has experience working in a range of mental health settings, including inpatient, community and primary mental health teams, as well as working as a school psychologist. She specialises in the area of autism spectrum disorders, with a particular interest in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of toddlers and preschool children on the autism spectrum.

Sophie takes a family centred approach and her therapy is goal based to ensure the best outcomes for children across the range of social settings they encounter. She uses a range of approaches and strategies to assist children to manage anxiety, gain social skills, develop independence and regulate their emotions. Sophie actively liaises with daycare settings, kindergartens and primary schools to gain a greater understanding of the child in their peer social environment and to provide targeted strategies.


Ivan Mathieson
Ivan Mathieson, Psychologist
The Clifton Hill Child & Adolescent Therapy Group
Level 1, 199 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068
Telephone: (03) 9481 1944

Ivan Mathieson is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked extensively with children, adolescents and their families in outpatient and inpatient mental health services. His key professional interest is in working with anxiety disorders and works with many young people on the Autism Spectrum. He has also worked as the the head of psychological services at one of Melbourne’s prestigious private schools. He currently has his own practice in Clifton Hill and also works at the 'Melbourne Paediatric Specialists at the Children’s'.
In addition to his practice, he has also been involved in teaching postgraduate psychology at La Trobe and RMIT Universities.
Whilst Ivan has a passion for working with young people, he strongly believes in the need to work collaboratively with parents and schools.


Stephanie Crawford
Stephanie Crawford, Speech Therapist
Stephanie Crawford and Associates
44 Birdwood Street, Box Hill South, Victoria 3128
Suite 108, 12 Cato Street, Hawthorn East, 3123
Telephone: (03) 9898 5341

Stephanie Crawford has been working as a speech pathologist for 15 years, specializing with children on the Autism Spectrum. She is trained in Hanen, Floortime, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and is a Qualified Makaton Presenter. Her therapy is family centered and goal based to ensure the best outcomes for children in their day-to-day settings. Stephanie heads a team of enthusiastic speech pathologists who provide a comprehensive service to meet children and families needs.


Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark, Occupational Therapist
Splash Occupational Therapy
PO Box 173, Fairfield VIC, 3078
Phone: (03) 8731 6555

Lisa's experience in paediatric occupational therapy began at Sunshine Hospital (Western Health) in the Women and Children’s Allied Health outpatient clinic. Her role involved assessing and treating children with global developmental delays, autism, developmental coordination disorders and handwriting difficulties. She also worked on the orthopaedic ward with children to assist with equipment and education for their transition from hospital to home. Lisa has also worked in various private practice settings, working with a range of schools around Melbourne.

Lisa is passionate about building and maintaining an occupational therapy service, which provides a high standard of therapy services and care for children and their families across Melbourne.


Amanda Curtis
Amanda Curtis, Disclosing Asperger’s
Disclosing Asperger's
P.O. Box 296, Northcote, Victoria 3070
Telephone: 0417 411 007

Amanda Curtis was frustrated at the lack of books that could explain Asperger’s to children in junior grades. Her son has Asperger’s syndrome and had trouble settling in class, and his peers had trouble understanding why he behaved the way he did. Drawing on her teaching qualifications and her son’s experiences in the classroom, she put together a big book for her son’s class and disclosed the diagnosis to parents. The effect was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Her son’s classmates finally understood his behaviours. They not only accepted him as a good friend, but celebrated him and his differences.

The big book’s success is based on parents, teachers and the principal working together on an ongoing basis to make school a safe, supporting and enriching place for the child with Asperger’s. Amanda’s main message—of the need to have “empathy” for the child with Asperger’s—flows throughout the big book and the accompanying guide. Amanda consults to schools and community groups on the process of disclosure and implementing the big book.