What will be covered - Strategies

  • from a holistic perspective for children on the Spectrum. Our seminars are some of the very few on offer where we have specialists coming together from the areas of Psychology, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and other areas. Each area is vitally important in the development of skills for children. The various therapies need to link and work together and not operate as ʻsilosʻ and weʼll demonstrate how this can be done.
  • that can be implemented at school and home to help the child, particularly in lowering levels of stress. Stress impedes the amount a child can learn and is often mistaken for misbehaviour.
  • that work for the child on the spectrum and, in turn, benefit the whole class. Managing disruptive behaviour can be difficult - the same strategies can be applied to help almost any disruptive child in the classroom.
  • that parents can take back to their specialists and seek their advice on how it can assist their child. This seminar is designed to provide as many strategies as possibly, but it will be the parentʼs responsibility to discuss these with their childʼs specialist to see if the strategies are suitable to be applied.
  • applied with heart and passion! These are special little people who can have it very tough on a daily basis and we recognise and respect this.

We have dynamic leaders in their field presenting at this seminar. An appointment with just one of the presenters would be much more than the ticket price alone.

We want to demonstrate how a multidisciplinary team can (and should) come together and work for what's best for the child on the Spectrum. You will hear information and at least two strategies from each presenter.