What will not be Covered

  • outlining the definition of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents are living it, teacher’s are working with it and there are other avenues where you can find out further information about this area if you need to before attending our seminar.
  • copies of the presentations. You will receive a password that you can then key into the
    www.speciallittlepeopleseminars.com website and print off any slides that you wish to have after the event. There will be note pads and pens for each attendee.
  • advertising from private businesses. We will, however, have tables with information on each of the presenter’s services, and information from volunteer and government organisations that can directly help schools and families. At some seminars, we do have services/businesses that display and sell books and equipment as this has been requested by registrants. These services/businesses provide valuable resources that we know will help.
  • extensive time for questions. We are only allowing 10 minutes after each presentation for questions since not all questions that are asked in these type of events apply to all children and we understand this can be frustrating for some attendees. If you have a pressing question you would like to ask that is not covered - there is usually a presenter or two present during the morning tea/lunch breaks. Go say hello and chat with them!

We do not want to waste your time. We appreciate how much effort it will take for you to
attend and want to make the seminar as powerful as we possibly can.
We are all energetic, very enthusiastic and do not have any time to spare in trying to get the message out that we are dealing with some very special little people and that there are many things you can do immediately to make their world a better place.

Be prepared for a seminar that is quite unlike any that you will have attended in the past!